KHK MMA hires the best and brightest talents who share our enthusiasm for MMA sport and complement our desire to make the KHK MMA the best sport brand in the world. Following the belief that we are only as strong as the individuals we employ, we are driven to keep our workforce satisfied by providing competitive benefits and a positive work environment that embraces KHK MMA’s mission and core values.



Our mission is a big one, and one that is long term. We aim to build a foundation in Bahrain and the GCC to provide fighters, both prospective and professional, with the best opportunity to flourish through a professional management team, the most advanced training facilities, and with some of the best coaches available. This is so we can promise to give every individual, regardless of nationality or race, as equal an opportunity as anyone else to be the best fighter they can be.


Ultimately our vision is to change the sport for the better on a global level, by leading the way in innovation and an authentic and studied method of training, management, promotion, and event organisation.

We aim to:

  • Spread the Mixed Martial Arts culture as an integral part of the sport sector, and present this sport as a safe sport.
  • Promote the Kingdom of Bahrain and present it through the different stages of its development and progress in the various fields, and the sport field in particular.
  • Prepare a generation who is self-confident, able to defend themselves, their properties, families and their homeland, through the skills acquired from this type of sport.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of sports in all aspects of any individual’s physical as well as mental health.
  • Refine and enhance the individual’s potentials and his combat capabilities, which will establish a solid base of well-qualified fighters.
  • Develop the individual’s internal balance, and coherence between the body and the spirit.

Core Values

Determination: To always find a way to achieve our goals and the goals of our fighters, no matter how hard or far-fetched they seem.

Discipline: Rigorous lifestyle in order to keep our eyes on the target all the time. This includes physical and mental discipline.

Strength: Not against the weak, but for the sake of achieving our goals.

Challenge: Always looking for a new and challenging way to solve problems and reach further.

People and culture make KHK MMA a great place to work. Bahrain is open country and we are using this opportunity to make our team international. Each person with passion to MMA is unique and valued, among the best and brightest in their job, and takes pride in his or her achievements and the success of teammates.

If you feel you could contribute to KHK MMA, please send your CV and cover letter to

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